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Hi! I’m Makhfou!
I’m a professional photographer & filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been asked a lot about my Lightroom Presets so I’ve decided to put all 50 of them in a FREE Package for you. Click on the button below & I’ll send them to you immediately.

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Whether you have a website, a blog, an Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest account, you most likely need to keep your visuals “coherent”. My goal as a professional photographer is to show the mood, beauty, style & story of people through my photos & videos. I like diversity in my work which is how i came up with so many different Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Online success goes way beyond just a beautiful feed though. I’ve learned that the hard way but the most important thing is that “I learned”! I will share a lot of my experiences in here. I’ll post new articles frequently to help your online image get bigger & if you subscribe to my newsletter, You’ll be the first one to receive free presets, templates, tutorials and more.

Apps & equipment for success

Here are some of the Apps that i use on a Daily basis to tackle everyday challenges towards reaching my ultimate goals. I also added Every single piece of professional photography equipment that i use to achieve the visuals that i have on my Instagram
You can support me by purchasing & subscribing to these using my website. I will receive payments for posting some of these companies when my viewers buy from here or sign up using the links from my website. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay extra for anything.

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